CBD Oil Review





  • CBD oils 500 mg-2000 mg
  • CBD Day Cream Coconut
  • CBD Night Cream Lavender
  • CBD Tiger balm
  • Water Soluble CBD 250-400 mg.

Helps for

  • Anxiety 
  • depression 
  • pain in muscles or joints 
  • Skincare


  • CBD Oil 500 mg £29.95
  • CBD Oil 1000 mg £54.95
  • CBD Oil 2000 mg £99.95
  • CBD Day Cream Coconut £29.95
  • CBD Night Cream Lavender £29.95
  • CBD Tiger Balm £29.95
  • Water Soluble CBD 250 mg £29.95
  • Water Soluble CBD 400 mg £49.95


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YourHemp.UK CBD products uses natural ingredients from organic hemp farms in Europe. The products are free from additives, GMO’s, Chemical solvents and pesticides. YourHemp.UK is a member of CTA and all products follow the regulations of containing less than 0.2% THC.

I have tried most of the products from YourHemp.UK and I have to say that their products is something I truly recommend. Great quality products and very useful. I have had problems with my anxiety disorder for a long time and using CBD oil really helped ease the anxiety symptoms for me. I’ve also had problems with my right shoulder for some time and the CBD Tiger Balm really decreased the pain. 

The Delivery time of the products were swift and reliable.

My rating per category:

Price: 4.5

Quality: 5

Usefullness: 5

Delivery: 5 

AVG. Rating: 4.9

Trustpilot Rating

 4.9 out of 5

My Rating

4.9 out of 5

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